Alberto Fasciani

Elegance as a lifestyle

One of the most recognized designers, businessman, ideologist and creator of one of the most important Italian footwear brands. ALBERTO FASCIANI whose passion for work bases the life of this esthete. A taste for horse riding, tenacity and determination are the mottos that inspire their collections. One of the main characteristics of their creations is the exquisite attention to materials, high-quality hand-dyed leathers. Precious finishes loaded with reviews from the past that give his pieces a kind of effect of what has been experienced, his shoes undoubtedly age well and become even more beautiful objects over time.

Elegance to lifestyle

He's one of the most outstanding designer, entrepreneur and creator of one of the most important Italian shoes brand. ALBERTO FASCIANI is passionate for his work and it's his main ground in life. He loves horseback riding, he's determined and tenacious and all of this comes out on his collections. He's very accurate with the whole materials he uses and his leathers they are all high quality hand dyed. Shoes once finished they seem to be plenty of past references and they show the effect of what is been lived. His shoes are sure to get old very well and the older ones get the beautier they look.

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