Three generations dedicated to distinction.

In 1905, Luigi Bernacchini founded the workshop that would give rise to INK. His taste for detail and refinement of his men's shoes will soon make him famous. Until 1960 it was an eminently family firm. It is from then on that the second generation of the family gives a boost to the brand and gives it the will to become an international brand. Today it is the third generation that maintains a business that remains attached to the values ​​of distinction and quality that inspired the creator. The Italian seal is unmistakable despite the fact that their shoes are now found all over the world.

Three generations dedicated to class.

Luigi Bernacchini founded in 1905 the workshop that would become INK. His passion for the detail and his fine shoes for men will make him soon popular. Until 1960 the brand is eminently familiar. From then on the second generation of shoe makers starts thinking and acting bigger. The brand becomes international. Today we found the third generation ruling the business sticking by the values ​​that made the original inspiration: quality and distinction. The Italian personality is quite visible on the shoes even though they are now all around the world.


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