King Tartufoli

Style, quality and comfort

Giovanni Tartufoli, created this company when he was barely 20 years old, in love with the shoemaker's trade, he began this business adventure that is now continued by his children Sofia and Giacomo with the same passion as his predecessor. For whom footwear is not just an object but is part of their history.

They experiment in their collections with new forms of expression without losing sight of tradition and convinced that beauty and quality are eternal values.

Style, quality, comfort.

This Brand was created by Giovanni Tartufoli when he was barely 20 years old. He fell in love with being Shoemaker and started an adventure that is now being continued as a legacy by his sons Giacomo and Sofia. They both feel the same passion his father had and shoes are not just and object for them: they are a living expression.

A good combination of tradition beauty and quality is what describes the best this brand's personality.

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