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Spring-summer collection 09/05/2016 193 Comentarios

And the corridors of the calendar are filled with a tickling of multiple blooms. And May spreads with its renewed flavor of promises that broaden the days and splash beach salt into the most desolate corners of the interior cements. The streets display horizons that invite an optimism as incomprehensible as it is irresistible. And we put on the sunny and blue shoes that seem capable of taking us to that place that winter had kidnapped. May fuels the heat of imagination and lets us imagine ourselves happily unrecognizable. We no longer know that the day before yesterday we were others. Today we breathe the dream of a warmth that encourages us and offers us the world as if it had just been painted. And freshly painted we set foot for the first time. And shoes built by the long tradition of artisan miracles. Made as true for us. And so we start walking, with the illusion of new shoes that convince us that they are us, brand new. May also falls in Aimée like a newly painted month that awaits the gift of your visit so that you can give us your new color.

Of course 13/01/2016 1049 Comentarios

Downgrading can be a watered-down way of taking the epic out of the days or it can, on the contrary, be a way of relocating oneself to the precise prosaic dimension from which the incurable delirium that excuses itself cloaked as routine often distances us. Let us lower ourselves to consider that it is only lowered by impoverishing expectations; Let us not drown ourselves in the ease of laziness and let us reduce the harshness of the mendacious and unnecessary slopes along which we allow the creeper of our aberrations to climb. The path is in the end the sum of the steps and its value is that of having taken or imagined them. Don't put a price on yourself. Don't lower yourself thinking that the price is less because the price has dropped. You put the value on it and you don't have to lower the full scope of the path you want to take. At Aimée we do not lower you, we invite you to lower those routine barriers that make you think that what you want is impossible. Come to our sales and enjoy the satisfaction of continuing to take steps with the precise value that makes you a person, simply you but like no one else. As usual. At Aimée we are waiting for you and we only reduce prices. You give us the height that you need at all times.

Happy New 08/01/2016 388 Comentarios

Every city contains a jewelery soul that has to be aired from time to time. Every body is perhaps nothing but a soul where infinite cities secretly put on makeup and go out for a walk to meet the old custom of increasingly worn-out surprises. You don't have to be Mr. Scrooge to make faces of boredom with bad Christmas stories, nor is it convenient to fall into the professional skepticism of the unconfessed dogmatist. It is enough to let ourselves be carried away by the inseparable desire of each of us to mask ourselves and bring out the Christmas mask every time our inner city demands a new coat of paint and the turning on of new lights with which to distract ourselves. It is enough to celebrate the punctual way in which botanical nudism is unleashed every time the forests are stripped of their leaves and balls are hung from the fir trees. Let's uncork the effervescence of flight at the end of which there is the possibility that we will come face to face with ourselves again but without recognizing ourselves. Let's put on new shoes because the path is both what is traveled and the way in which it is traveled. Let us culminate the uncertain illusion of the year that ends by knotting it with the dubious probability of a year that begins; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, oh, you, chance of flying laughter that every time you give us a flash of well-being you make us feel like a child with new shoes. And why not? Happy embers to all those who are going to burn with wishes.

Flavor doesn't take up space 02/11/2015 83 Comentarios

"And suddenly the memory was captured. That taste was of the little piece of madeleine that, on Sunday mornings, in Combray (...) when I went to say good morning to her room, my aunt Léonie gave me... "
Marcel Proust. "In Search of Lost Time".
Every collection is ultimately nothing more than a challenge to memory, a foolish and passionate way of conquering a space of eternity that widens with each conquest that is added to what the collector collects. At Aimée we like to favor all those who collect memories made and those yet to be made. We like to dedicate ourselves to satisfying the thirst for passion that our beloved collectors demonstrate while they live on the lookout for that unsuspected element that they will enshrine as an indelible memory in their private gallery of eternity. For this reason, at Aimée, we have already prepared the entirety of our new autumn-winter collection, to give our vivid and vivid collectors the opportunity to improve the flavor of each of their souvenir collections, to encourage them to capture the landscape of the memories yet to be made, allowing yourself to be seduced by the suggestive shapes that each shoe will know how to shape as a shape specially conceived for the collector who was looking for it. So that we don't forget it, so that our collectors don't forget us and give us a good place in their memories.

From head to toe or from toe to head? 28/09/2015 67 Comentarios

From head to toe or from head to toe? In any case, heads that stand firmly like Aimée's vocation for durability, a store supported by the feet of a project that aspires to be anything but made of clay and that does not want to be erased by the first inclemency that time and his whims.

There is some poet who claims that immodesty is the best way to know the strength of modesty. We are not immodest nor are we driven by any poetic force, but the force of our modesty coincides with the certainty that we do not only aspire to anything more than to pounce on a client in order not to make a mistake in the end. Rather, we are seduced by the opposite of the expectations that could be built for us from the outside. The precise aspiration is that the client is the one who pounces on the surprise and the discovery that he discovers in this long path of shoes. You will not buy a shoe, you will discover a story that you will wear so as not to give up on it as if it were a custom-made classic story. At Aimée we like to think that as you make your story, you make ours.

Paris, je t'aime 25/06/2015 219 Comentarios

One of aimée's big open secrets is that every 6 months we travel to Paris to choose our collections.

The city welcomes us as dazzling as ever, but we cannot let ourselves be too seduced by its charms because we have a lot of work ahead of us: we tour the main stages of Fashion Week, researching new trends and coming into contact with emerging talents. We also visited our designers in their showrooms in the Marais and the Saint Honoré area. We love hearing their stories and learning more about their work process and brands.

It is an exciting job, but no less exhausting. That's why, at the end of the day, a well-earned and delicious wine and cheese always awaits us while we review our orders and excitedly discuss our discoveries. In that magical moment, we sigh with happiness as we think about how much we like this city.

Searching for hidden treasures 28/05/2015 33 Comentarios

You only need to take a walk through our collection to realize that at aimée we have a very different concept of exclusivity.

Yes, we recognize it. We like to deliberately stay away from ephemeral fashion trends and those brands that base their identity on the visibility of a logo and use dazzling advertising campaigns as a claim.

Ours is to look for hidden treasures. Each of the designers we select is a discovery, a jewel that we want to share with our clients and that you make lasting.

Finding the talent we are looking for is not easy. The designers we are passionate about avoid the advertising circuits: their hallmarks are the high quality of their materials, the craftsmanship and the personal and non-transferable style of each of them.

Their particular and almost extinct way of conceiving their work forces them to not be able to take on many clients or large orders because they do not want to change their traditional way of manufacturing footwear.

Our exclusivity is, therefore, a matter of attitude and firm principles. We search and search to continue finding and offering you unique pieces with soul that will not leave you indifferent.

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