Eco-friendly shoes and respect for the planet

Verdura shoes are handmade in Tuscany, Italy, by master shoemaker Andrea Verdura. The use of recycled fishing nets and natural materials, combined with Andrea's design, makes this line truly unique and original. His love for the planet is at the heart of Verdura, as well as the love for beauty and aesthetics, which he seeks in each creation whose result leaves no one indifferent.

Eco-friendly shoes and respect for the Planet

Verdura shoes are handmade in Tuscany (Italy). Andrea Verdura is the soul maker. Fishing nets recycled and natural materials, all together with Andrea's brilliant designs, make this Brand unique and beyond originality. You can feel how the love for the Planet beats in every single creation of Andrea. Add still a very unique sense of aesthetics and what comes out is what Andrea Verdura creates to make an impact on everyone's emotion.

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