Spring-summer collection 09/05/2016 193 Comentarios

And the corridors of the calendar are filled with a tickling of multiple blooms. And May spreads with its renewed flavor of promises that broaden the days and splash beach salt into the most desolate corners of the interior cements. The streets display horizons that invite an optimism as incomprehensible as it is irresistible. And we put on the sunny and blue shoes that seem capable of taking us to that place that winter had kidnapped. May fuels the heat of imagination and lets us imagine ourselves happily unrecognizable. We no longer know that the day before yesterday we were others. Today we breathe the dream of a warmth that encourages us and offers us the world as if it had just been painted. And freshly painted we set foot for the first time. And shoes built by the long tradition of artisan miracles. Made as true for us. And so we start walking, with the illusion of new shoes that convince us that they are us, brand new. May also falls in Aimée like a newly painted month that awaits the gift of your visit so that you can give us your new color.