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Downgrading can be a watered-down way of taking the epic out of the days or it can, on the contrary, be a way of relocating oneself to the precise prosaic dimension from which the incurable delirium that excuses itself cloaked as routine often distances us. Let us lower ourselves to consider that it is only lowered by impoverishing expectations; Let us not drown ourselves in the ease of laziness and let us reduce the harshness of the mendacious and unnecessary slopes along which we allow the creeper of our aberrations to climb. The path is in the end the sum of the steps and its value is that of having taken or imagined them. Don't put a price on yourself. Don't lower yourself thinking that the price is less because the price has dropped. You put the value on it and you don't have to lower the full scope of the path you want to take. At Aimée we do not lower you, we invite you to lower those routine barriers that make you think that what you want is impossible. Come to our sales and enjoy the satisfaction of continuing to take steps with the precise value that makes you a person, simply you but like no one else. As usual. At Aimée we are waiting for you and we only reduce prices. You give us the height that you need at all times.