Happy New 08/01/2016 388 Comentarios

Every city contains a jewelery soul that has to be aired from time to time. Every body is perhaps nothing but a soul where infinite cities secretly put on makeup and go out for a walk to meet the old custom of increasingly worn-out surprises. You don't have to be Mr. Scrooge to make faces of boredom with bad Christmas stories, nor is it convenient to fall into the professional skepticism of the unconfessed dogmatist. It is enough to let ourselves be carried away by the inseparable desire of each of us to mask ourselves and bring out the Christmas mask every time our inner city demands a new coat of paint and the turning on of new lights with which to distract ourselves. It is enough to celebrate the punctual way in which botanical nudism is unleashed every time the forests are stripped of their leaves and balls are hung from the fir trees. Let's uncork the effervescence of flight at the end of which there is the possibility that we will come face to face with ourselves again but without recognizing ourselves. Let's put on new shoes because the path is both what is traveled and the way in which it is traveled. Let us culminate the uncertain illusion of the year that ends by knotting it with the dubious probability of a year that begins; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, oh, you, chance of flying laughter that every time you give us a flash of well-being you make us feel like a child with new shoes. And why not? Happy embers to all those who are going to burn with wishes.