From head to toe or from toe to head? 28/09/2015 67 Comentarios

From head to toe or from head to toe? In any case, heads that stand firmly like Aimée's vocation for durability, a store supported by the feet of a project that aspires to be anything but made of clay and that does not want to be erased by the first inclemency that time and his whims.

There is some poet who claims that immodesty is the best way to know the strength of modesty. We are not immodest nor are we driven by any poetic force, but the force of our modesty coincides with the certainty that we do not only aspire to anything more than to pounce on a client in order not to make a mistake in the end. Rather, we are seduced by the opposite of the expectations that could be built for us from the outside. The precise aspiration is that the client is the one who pounces on the surprise and the discovery that he discovers in this long path of shoes. You will not buy a shoe, you will discover a story that you will wear so as not to give up on it as if it were a custom-made classic story. At Aimée we like to think that as you make your story, you make ours.